Collective Magazine

Collective was an initiative to help spread awareness of the arts through the local community, specifically Henry County, Georgia.  As president at the time of the Visual Artists Collective, I applied for grant funding and began to work on this project to use as a vehicle to showcase the artistic talents of the community to places it might not be able to go.  In addition to managing the grant process for our 501 (c)(3), I collected and organized all of the artwork to be featured in this magazine, handled the graphic design & layout, ad creation, article writing, and distribution.

At the time I completed this, it had been one of the largest undertakings of my own, encompassing such a variety of skills that I had never been able to use all on a single project.  It was extremely challenging but one of the most rewarding.

Collective was made possible by grant funding through Arts Clayton. The grant program is supported in part by the Grassroots Art Program of the Georgia Council for the Arts through appropriations of the Georgia Assembly and in partnership with Arts Clayton. This issue was also made possible by advertisers and the incredible support of the Henry County art community.

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Collective MagazineCollective MagazineCollective MagazineCollective Magazine